Kandiyohi County GIS 

Kandiyohi County Geographic Information System (GIS)  has been established to provide a better resource and link to a great deal of information. 

Geographic Information Systems or GIS is the ability to give tabular data, positional quality on a map or a computer screen, via a system of hardware, software, and geographic data.

Public GIS Project List

Kandiyohi County Public GIS: NEW MOBILE FRIENDLY GIS SITE. Parcels, Aerial Photos, Zoning, Contours, etc.  
Plat Search (Text Based): Non-GIS Text Based Plat Search  
FEMA Flood Maps: Newly Released FEMA Flood Map Boundaries  
Kandiyohi County Trails: Hiking, Biking, Snowmobile.  If you're looking for a public trail - you'll find it here.  
Pictometry - Employee Login: High Resolution Images of the County  
Kandiyohi Geologic Atlas

 A County Geologic Atlas project is a study of the county's geology, and its mineral and ground-water resources.


New and Updated Layers

Ditch Buffers
(NEW August 1, 2016)
Waterway Buffers from the Minnesota DNR have been added under the Environmental-Zoning Layer Group. The Buffers may also be veiwed on the DNR website http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/buffers  
Plat Images
(NEW July 26, 2016)
Links to Plat images have been added. Images can be viewed by using the search tool, searching the plats layer, and typing in the name of the plat (partial name will work) or by clicking in a platted area (with the Plat Layer turned on) and clicking on "View Plat" in the Pop-up Window.  
Plats Layer
(NEW January 22, 2016)
Found Under a New "Plats" Layer Group. This layer shows the outside boundaries of recorded plats and an abbreviated plat name. Click on the map to view the full Plat Name and Folder Number in which the document is recorded. If underlying plats exist, you can toggle through and view information on these plats also. Updated July 22, 2019  
Print Tool
(Updated September 30, 2015)
Tool now has "layout templates" that allows printing on letter or tabloid sizes and at landscape or portrait orientation. User can also specify the format of the print image: PDF, PNG, JPG or GIF.
Notice: Print will appear in a new browser window, so check popup blocker(s) if print image does not appear
Pictometry Base Map
(NEW May 21, 2018)
Is a High Resolution Aerial Photo Base Map option found under the Basemap button in the upper right of the Mapping Window. This is an Aerial Photo from the Spring of 2018 and was collected prior to leaf out. ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE MOBILE SITE  
Pictometry Images
(NEW August 14, 2015)
Found on the tool bar located in the top center of the mapping window . This tool allows the ability to view oblique (birds eye/side view) high resolution images across the County, in any Cardinal Direction. Aerial images are available from flights in 2014, 2011, 2008 and 2006.  
Search Box
(Updated June 19, 2015)
Found in the Upper-Right Corner of the mapping window. Has been updated so that you can now search by Parcel Number or Address. The Parcel search is still available under the search tool (binoculars icon) also.  
Voter Districts
(Updated June 16, 2015)
Found Under the "Boundaries" Layer Group. Has been updated to include links to pages for Boards, Council Members, Commissioners, Representatives and Senators.  
Parcel Layer
Parcel Lines Updated July 24, 2019
Tax Data Updated August 6, 2019
House Address Layer
Updated May 1, 2019  
Road Layer
Updated November 07, 2018  

Available Layers

Transportation Layers Roads, House Addresses*, Boat Access*, Railroad  
Boundary Layers Parcels*, Public Land Survey, City Limits, School Districts*, Voter Districts*, Wildlife Areas*  
Environmental-Zoning Layers Feedlots*, Ditches, County Zoning*, Urban Growth Boundary, Building Code*, City Zoning*, Recycling*, Soil Map, Waters-Lakes, Watersheds*, Elevation Data LiDAR  
* Additional Information Available by Clicking on the Object, Data will Appear in a Popup  

GIS Data Requests

Kandiyohi County's GIS Data is available to public and private entities. Please review the
Digital Data Release Form and GIS Data Pricing list
If you would like to proceed with the Data Request, please fill out the Release Form and clearly define the Data you are Requesting.   Feature counts can be performed to determine the cost for an Area of Interest (AOI) if a shapefile boundary of the AOI is sent.  

Data Maintained by:
Kandiyohi County Surveyor's Office
4566 Hwy 71 NE - Suite 2
Willmar, MN 56201
Email: surveyor@kcmn.us

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Notice of Disclaimer: 
The County of Kandiyohi makes no warranties, guarantees, or representations regarding the information provided on the Kandiyohi County Geographic Information System.  All information provided in the Geographic Information System is available on an "as is" basis, and carries no actual or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.  Kandiyohi County does not warrant the information against deficiencies of any kind.  Use of the information on the Kandiyohi County Public Geographic Information System indicates that the user accepts this disclaimer of all warranties and assumes the risk of any defects or deficiencies of any kind.  The user of the information contained in the Geographic Information System, by accepting the disclaimer of warranties herein, further accepts and agrees that the County of Kandiyohi, the Office of the Kandiyohi County Surveyor, and any of its officers, agents or employees are not liable for damages of any type arising from the use of the information herein, whether direct, consequential, incidental, special or punitive.

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